Quality Manufacturer

* All equipment and machinery used in the factory are Italian made with high capacity and productivity quality.

 * The number of employees in the company is currently 250 employees and all of them are well trained and professionals.

 * the factory has three production lines, including:

- Natural juices.

- Soft drinks and energy.

- floats.


There are other production lines will be opened very soon in the middle of 2010, such as the production of PET Juices and glass Juices, the production capacity of each production line is 24000 can per hour, and the product is exported at present to both Iraq, Palestine and distributed in the Jordanian market.

 * Company products are characterized as the prerogative of the Austrian company "Austrian Esarom Company".

 * The Company distributes its production through its own fleet of trucks as well as cooperation with several transportation companies.